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This is obviously going to be a work in progress. The documentation you see here will probably be just a brain dump of our group for a while (be scared). As we approach something more interesting and official this section will evolve to reflect those changes.


We're putting this up here for a few reasons...the biggest of which is to get feedback and input on our ideas. Feel free to send any comments to the project admins.

The OpenAI Level 1 Specification

A proposal for OpenAI Core Services

Possible learning rulesfor OpenAI's neural net

The beginnings of an bayesian network specification | UML

The beginnings of an agent system specification.

The beginnings of a genetic algorithm specification.

Definition of requirements for a graphical interface for the neural network.


To get started with our neural network framework, it might be usefull to review a diagram of the network classes and the sequence chart of a typical iteration.

API Documentation (Javadoc)

Javadocs for everything (download).

Javadocs for the mobile agent system (download).

Javadocs for the neural net (download).

Javadocs for the genetic algorithm (download).

Javadocs for the finite state machine (download).

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