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About OpenAI...

The OpenAI site is centered around an Open Source project and community involving artificial intelligence. The term "Open Source" means that the source code for the project is available for free and can be used by others free of charge. Artificial Intelligence refers to the general aim of intelligent computing, making machines think and learn. The project itself is the creation of a set of tools that are considered to be models of human intelligence. These tools are intended to be integrated into programs or used stand alone for research.

We're looking for this site to be:

  • a home for the OpenAI project
  • a place for the community to connect
  • an information repository for AI in general
  • a showcase for the tools

The project itself is geared toward developing a specification for AI related tools. The specification will allow these tools to operate in a modular fashion and be highly interoperable with other tools adhering to the specification.

OpenAI will also provide the details of the specification online as it develops so that the community can help in it's creation by giving insight and criticism.

Technologies like XML and CORBA will be used for configuration, persistence and communication. Currently we'll be implementing all the tools in Java and C++, but will accept tools written in any language as long as they adhere to the OpenAI standard.

For more detailed information on the OpenAI standard or the tools, visit the Developers section.

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