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Frequently Asked Question

What's OpenAI?

    The OpenAI Project takes an open source approach to creating tools for Artificial Intelligence development. The project's primary goal is to create configuration and communication standards for AI tools. Ultimately, we will produce a set of tools implementing these standards to enable the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to be expressed. We hope to be known as the OpenGL of Artificial Intelligence.

What type of tools are you developing?

    We will be developing classic, well known artificial intelligence tools. We have either finished or started the following tools:

    • Neural Network
    • Genetic Algorithm
    • Finite State Machine
    • Mobile Agent System

    We intend to also create:

    • Bayesian Network
    • Fuzzy Engine
    • Inference Engine

What applications are you using these tools for?

    None at the moment. We have some ideas which we may pursue once the toolkit is finished but our main focus is creating the specification and the toolkit. However, we would welcome and work with any developer or company that would like to apply these tools. It is very important to us and our cause that we have these tools used and validated. Any success stories will be posted on the site as we become aware of them.

What license is OpenAI being released under?

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