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Welcome to the OpenAI developers section. You're probably here because you were asked to visit this page by one of the members of the development team. But regardless, I'll assume you're here because you want to find out more about OpenAI and how you can help.

First you'll want to have a look at our FAQ There you will find answers to some initial questions about OpenAI.

If you've decided that you're interested and would like to contribute, visit our sourceforge project page and have a look around. Visit the task list and the packages that we have released and planned for development. Next, contact one of the project admins and convince them to add you to the project and to assign you some tasks. Be ready to talk about your skill set, how it fits in with the current projects and what tasks you feel you would be best suited to undertake.

This project is much more than coders if you have a passion for Artificial Intelligence and want to contribute in any way you can, we'd be glad to find stuff for you to do. Here's a short list of the type of people and skills we could use:

  • Coders
  • Technical Writers
  • Html geeks
  • Graphic artsy folks
  • AI Philosophers
  • People with rich uncles who owe them a favor

In all seriousness, the project admins would love to be able to do this full time so if you happen to have funding connections or want to contribute to our operating fund let us know.

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