Bayesian Network Module Specification
for OpenaAI Project (a first draft)


This document is a draft for a specification of a Bayesian Network Module for the OpenAI project. This document was written with the intention of providing a beginning for an evolution to a more precise specification.

Status of this document

This document is a first draft for review by OpenAI members and other interested parties. All the comments, critiques (constructive) and proposals are welcome.

Proposals Specifications

  • The Bayesian Network module must execute the described requisites in OpenAI Specifications Level 1.

  • In order to improve code re-using and to provide familiarity to future programmers the name and structure of the packages and class should be so similar as possible to the Neural Net packages.

  • The module have to implements:

  • A conceptual differentiation in submodules (network structure, inference engine, learning facilities.. ¿?) should exist.

  • Last modified: 2002/04/11
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