Neural Network GUI Specification

This document will define the specifications for the Java version of the Neural Network Graphical Interface.


The main window will be a JDesktop pane that can house multiple internal windows and different tabs to seperate "Workspaces". Each workspace will be a completely different NN project, independent of any others. Here is a preliminary list of internal frames that should be present within each NN project or workspace.


The following is a list of menus and sub-menus that should be present in the main application.

Network Topology Visualization

This section describes some basic requirements for the topology representation of the network and what type of features should be present.

A user should be able to right-click on each of the following components and bring up a context specific menu.
As the network is being trained and adjusting itself, any component of the network should be able to display it's current value if requested. For example, a connection should be able to display it's weight value. This behavior should be able to be turned on and off for the entire network or individually.

The creation of new nodes should be available by right-clicking on the workspace and using the resultant menu.

By clicking on two subsequent nodes, a connection should be made from the first to the second, initializing that connection with a random weight.

The ability to zoom in and out on specific areas of the network should be available to allow for easier managing of larger networks.

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