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Neural Network IDE

This is a screenshot of the OpenAI IDE V0.2. On the right side you can see the new Frameswitcher to turn on/off several frames. In the foreground is the improved and redesigned addLayer wizzard visible.

Here is another screenshots of the actual IDE version. You can see the new propertyeditor and the changed design (Kunststoff look-and-feel). The toolbar on the top of the mainwindow is now contextsensitive. It changes the buttons depending on the selected innerframe.

More screenshots of the Neural Network IDE in progress. We've added a training data editor, more functions on the network topology, an auto-layout function for the topology and a scripting engine using Beanshell that allows you to modify the running network on the fly. Lots of exciting things are coming and we promise you'll be able to play with it soon!

The Neural Network IDE is shaping up nicely, we have a new screenshot for all of you to drool over. Unfortunately it's a tease since you can't play with it yet (we still have a lot of the core functionality to build) but I thought it was worth showing off. If you have any comments email Thomas Weber who is currently in charge of the GUI portion of OpenAI.


Here's a preliminary screenshot of the GUI that is being done by Peter Hanson.


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