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  • August 14, 2001: Hi all, the meeting this week consisted of defining the rest of the specification levels and talking about implementing aspects of them. We also beat up on ElijahAO a bit :)

    Anyway, have a look at the meeting log and of course comments are welcome.
  • July 17, 2001: Another week and another meeting, here's the log for those that missed it. It looks like the Level 1 specification is wrapping up so we'll be looking for more comments from everyone. Until next week...
  • July 10, 2001: A great meeting this week! I'll have my work cut out for me to go through and pull out pieces of it for addition to the specification but that's a good thing. Keep the good ideas coming folks. In case you missed it, here's the log of the meeting. Have a great week and I hope to see you on our IRC channel #openai on
  • July 4, 2001: I put up a quick architecture diagram of what I was thinking concerning a chat bot for the #openai channel. Have a look and feel free to comment.
  • July 4, 2001: This weeks' meeting was a little light in attendance but I'm guessing that was because of July 4th. We talked more about the specification and about the changes we plan to make regarding the website. As always you can view the log. Have a great 4th!

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