Todo for the OpenAI Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

What we've got so far

Currently the GUI Subproject has the following features:

Feature Percent done
Basic editing functions for a neuralnet.
(Create Network, add/remove layers and neurons, change weights)
Scrolling for the network topology pane done
Zooming for the network topology pane
Graphic plotter
Loading/saving data
(neuralnet, TrainingSets, workspace)
Editing TrainingData
(Table Editor for float-values)
(Allows to display/change livevalues of the GUI- and dataobjects)
Run a neuralnet
(training, running, errorgraph)
Integration of a script-language
(currently BeanShell, Scripteditor)

How can u help us?

As you see above, there is still a lot of work to do, to get a basic version of the IDE done. In the following list you'll see what we need and whats the priority of the tasks:

If you think you can do one of these tasks, write a mail to Thomas Weber

Tasks to be finished to get the first version on the road

Feature Priority (9=max)
Basic preferences/settings dialog
Should be a table-like editor, easy to configure and extend.

Show me the future !

After the first public release of the IDE, we want to extend it step by step. Some advanced features will be needed then. Feel free to recommend ways to achieve some of these longterm goals... Maybe you know some out-of-the-box API's we could use here, also.

Advanced features for future releases

You should take a look into the actual version of the proposal for OpenAI core services, also.

Last changed: T.Weber 05/02/02